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Traffic Ticket
Haroon Legal Services are expert professionals specializing in Highway Traffic Act to defend the Traffic Tickets victims in Toronto and across Ontario.
We specialize in Speeding, Careless Driving, Driving under suspension, DUI (impaired) Driving without Insurance, and other Traffic Related Offences.

We are regulated by the Governing Body and we are authorized to provide legal services in designated areas of law.

We are a team of authorized professionals with substantial experience dealing with all kinds of traffic offences, impaired driving charges, and accident benefit claims.
We specialize in offering professional and affordable legal representation to motorists charged with any provincial traffic violation, as well as providing help with serious criminal offences such as: impaired driving, dangerous driving, failure to provide the breathalyser test, etc...
We defend your good driving record against the full range of traffic offences from minor to the most serious.
We protect your privilege to drive, saving you demerit points, time and hundreds or even thousands of dollars, keeping your insurance rates as low as possible.
Every offence is different and therefore, we require our clients to submit our online consultation form free of charge.

FINE paying a traffic ticket fine automatically convicts you as being guilty to the charge and will be treated an admission or confession to the guilt. Contact us before you take any action. Your driving record is very precious and you want a clean record to avoid conviction and any increase in insurance which can rise upto 100% or more as the result of paying fine of your ticket.
We fight your traffic ticket and consider every traffic ticket seriously to save the demerits points and your driving record. Our team, take care of our clients. Services can save you time and money because we make appearance for you and you will not have to take of time off work to go to court.
We help with traffic tickets in Toronto, across Ontario, and in the United States.
Our experienced and motivated professionals have resolved many cases with a success rate of greater than 90%. Our services also include legal representation for Car Accident Insurance Claims.
Traffic Offences & Relevant Insurance Information

We provide legal services in the area of Insurance Claims with a strong emphasis on claims involving Motor Vehicle Accidents. We are a success-motivated team dedicated to helping our clients to reach the best monetary settlements and obtain the maximum Accident Benefits available under the Provincial Insurance Law.

We offer no obligation, confidential, free of charge initial consultation.

In order to assess your chances of success the Lawyer will provide an evaluation of each case individually. There are two types of claims: Accident Benefits Claim and Tort Claim.

Accident Benefits Claim
The Province of Ontario has “no-fault” Insurance system, which means that regardless of whose fault it was in the accident, you are still entitled to the Accident Benefits, such as: lost income from work, attendant care, housekeeping and care giving assistance for your children under 16 years old or disabled family members, physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic treatment, professional medical examinations, lost educational and visitors expenses, home reconstructions, drugs prescriptions and also replacement of the clothes or eyeglasses damaged in your accident.

Tort Claim
In addition to the Accidents Benefits our Personal Injury Lawyers will be able to handle the Tort part of your claim against the driver who was at fault.
The Tort Claim involves Pain and Suffering, past and future Income Replacement Benefits not covered by Accident Benefits Claim, loss of ability to earn income, medical specialists assessments, future medical treatment, home maintenance and any extra health care expenses.
The injury for the Tort Claim must be a serious and permanent impairment of an important physical, mental or psychological function. The settlement amount depends on the nature of injuries.

Contact our office today to retain services of the best Personal Injuries Lawyers Team. In accident benefit claims, you do not pay us until the case is settled.